Cubic zirconia engagement rings made a comeback recently.

If you’re on a budget and want to get the best start in life with your new bride, consider the option of cubic zirconia engagement rings. A cubic zirconia ring is as id verification ring dazzling as any other engagement ring, yet only costs a fraction of the price, leaving you money for other important items. Diamond importers started the myth that you needed to use six months salary for the engagement ring. Today, most people realize that this just isn’t necessary or practical and opt for an attractive ring with a stunning zirconia at a fraction of that amount.

The sudden surge in interest came because people began to realize the true quality and beauty of the cubic zirconia. Early stones lacked the quality of today’s gems. The manufacturing technique changed and with the change came a higher quality almost indistinguishable from diamonds to most people. It took the public a while to realize the true beauty the new manufacturing process gave the zirconium jewelry.

Manufacturers create cubic zirconia gemstones from zirconium oxide, ZrO2. Newer methods give the stone a higher quality than the predecessors had. In fact, once the crystal forms into the gem, the manufacturer cuts the CZ gemstone in a process similar to cutting diamonds.

How can you tell the difference between this stone and a real diamond? There are ways jewelers differentiate the natural diamond from the man made cubic zirconia. The first is that the zirconia is flawless. Real diamonds have small imperfections because their growing conditions varied, unlike the synthetic stone.

The cubic zirconia, CZ, is actually harder than a diamond and somewhat more brittle. CZ stones weigh more than natural diamonds by about 70 percent, so weighing loose stones is one method jewelers use to find the identification of the stone.

Finally, the sparkle is different in a CZ than it is in a diamond. Diamonds have flashes of light and shadows while the zirconia has fire in its reflection. Fire is color or rainbows. Some people believe this is far more attractive than the sparkle of traditional stones.

One huge advantage of using rings is that any style of ring you desire is now within your budget. Dramatic paved rings, encrusted with gems encircling the solitary stone doesn’t have to be put aside for another time when it’s affordable, in favor of a small stone or no stone at all. You can select from any style or design you’d like and even select rings far more stunning than you ever thought you could afford.


Cubic zirconia engagement rings made a comeback recently.
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